Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sidings All Done!

Gary has finished the siding all around the house (hooray!). He worked hard for the past months (starting first week of August), often working late at nights when he comes home and also during weekends. Here is a view from the front. The narrow beam of wood showing is where the future porch roof will be attached. Then at the cove between the living room and the kitchen will soon stand the sunroom.

And here is how we plan for the front of our house to look like in the future...(Gary used the Punch Pro software to design our house)

And this is how it appears from the back...

This is how we want the back to look like in the future... Posted by Hello

The porch, sunroom and deck will all have to wait as our budget will permit. Meantime, Gary is planning to work on the interior next, especially that the weather has gone icy cold outside. We are so delighted to have finished the siding, as cutting the vinyl in a very cold day is quite hard. The coldness turns it brittle. Besides that, working at a height on an icy cold windy day is no fun at all. And I was so relieved that finally, the worst working-with-heights project is finally over. Though the ceiling in the living room is quite high, too, it is far less scary and the height is shorter than with any of the heights from the gable ends' exterior down to the ground.


Cerridwen said...

amazing how it looks just like the plan! you and your husband are a gret team :) what state are you in? Didn't you meet a lot of red tape for building your own house and getting permit? or that problem only exist here in California?

it is a dream house and one that you will keep forever til you are old and gray. It contains both your sweat and love.

Manang said...

Cerridwen, that is so true. One thing my hubby and I like in each other is the security that we will stick together no matter what. All our plans are geared toward years spent with out children as well as our empty nest years when the kids are all grown up and have left us alone. And this house is and will be a great witness to our lifetime together. It is so heart-warming.

purplegirl said...

ang ganda! malapit na! i can't wait for it to finish and i am so excited for you and your family. post pictures inside naman, ok?

p.s. you are very lucky that Gary is so handy. we live in a country wherein a call to the plumber just to see what's causing your leaking faucet can set you back $150 easily. and another call to the electrician to add another wall outlet will cost another $100. good thing my hubby is also quite handy and he can fix leaky faucets, etc. but not as handy as yours.

Manang said...

PG, yeah. laking-tipid talaga. Not only that. When my in-laws celebrated their 40th anniv, they did not want us to buy a gift for them. Instead, they requested Gary to make as a gift a 3-way switch for the cellar so they would not have to grope through the dark to thw switch whether they are entering the cellar from the outside or from the living room. Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din! Haha!

Will post as the inside is being worked on. Para ganahan ang asawa ko pagandahin...Hehe. Alam nyang on display online ang ginagawa nya (galing ko no?) kaya dapat talagang ayusin nya. Doesn't need to be luxurious naman, coz I'm a bit of a utilitarian. But I want him to try to give his best, still within our means.

Anonymous said...


In this part of america that house will be termed as luxurious. It's so big (and with a pool and deck pa ha)! With your gardening skills to enhance it, it's going to be a dream house. My hat's off to your Gary. He's a really talented guy. I can't wait for your next installment:)


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