Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Patrick's Room

Gary painted the room (Patrick chose thise blue color) Posted by Hello

Juliana had to sleep on the floor (with mattress naman eh!) because Gary has not made a bed for her yet Posted by Hello

Boys on their bed ready to go to sleep (?). Hopefully tomorrow we can finish Ben's room as well... Posted by Hello

Boy's rooms

Yesterday we prepared their rooms for painting. I sanded the harder to reach parts Posted by Hello

Patrick helped in sanding the lower part of the walls Posted by Hello

These are the beds that Gary made for the boys. He has painted them both but one needs a final painting tonight.  Posted by Hello

Hopefully tonight the kids will be able to sleep in their rooms. By weekend, we hope to finish Babe's room as well.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

God! It was a health hazard! I had to protect my lungs because of the fine powder dispersed in the air as I try to smoothen the walls

Today I did sanding of the walls of the boys' rooms...

See the lines and grooves that I have to remove...

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Applying Mud on the Joints

This shows the first layer of mud that I have applied on the corners.

Taping corners

I have long applied mud on the sheetrock joints save for the corners . (I had been waiting for my husband to demonstrate to me how it should be done on the corners). The blue strips here show the joint tape.

Boys' rooms

My husband and I are currently woroking on the second floor, specifically the boys' rooms. He has just finished the ceilings (I helped in staining the pine boards!), electricals and telephone ports.